Brilliant!  Well done!  An informative and inspiring course delivered by someone who really knows their stuff. Introduction to Archives Course Participant

I am a highly experienced trainer.  All my courses are a day long and highly interactive.  The courses are designed for small groups of up to 12 people.  The courses can be designed to suit your own needs or those of your organisation.  Courses can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in-house.

Introduction to managing archive collections 

This very popular course is designed for people who have to  directly care for archive collections or who are responsible for managing archive collections and archive staff.  It assumes no previous knowledge of archive collection management and is very participative so that you can freely discuss your own situation and experience relevant learning.  The course provides a framework from which you can manage your archives. The course will help you identify what is archival material, understand the principles of cataloguing archives,  become aware of the major preservation issues, think about different approaches to access and have an insight into how other organisations have approached access.

Archives intro sample timetable

The fundamentals of  time management

This engaging course provides a detailed introduction to the core skills of time management and provides a range of tools and strategies to help you make the most of your day.  The course closely involves you as the delegate ensuring that you learn about yourself and come away with a personalised plan for managing your time.  The course looks closely how you currently manage your time and if you can be an effective time manager. Areas covered include: assessing your current management of time, introduction to a toolkit of fundamental strategies and methodologies for managing your time more effectively and understanding your skills capacity for good time management.

Sample timetable for ‘Fundamentals of time management’

Introduction to project management

A very practical and popular course designed specifically for the heritage sector, this gives you detailed framework of the core stages  necessary to effectively manage and deliver small scale projects. As a result of this course you will be able to identify and develop project specifications, produce a practical work plan, use key monitoring and management tools, understand core stakeholder management issues, and identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a project manager.

Sample timetable for ‘Introduction to project mangement’