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It has been a real pleasure working with the both of you on this slightly unusual project.

Elizabeth Bruton, Heritage Officer, Jodrell Bank Observatory

I am a professional archivist and qualified management consultant.  Since  I started my consultancy in 2003 I have worked with  archive services and collections all over the UK ranging from small charities to national institutions, helping them to upgrade collections management, reach new audiences, develop new ways of working, access funding and work with new partners.

Tailored advice and practical results

I believe that every client is different.  In my work one size does not fit all.  I take time to really understand your needs and develop solutions which are realistic and have a long-term impact.  I have worked on projects covering every aspect of archives and on all scales,  from assessing cataloguing backlogs and recruiting staff to planning new archive buildings and developing national programmes of work.  I can also call on my wide range of associates to create an effective team specifically created for your situation.